Trail Life USA: Outdoor based mentoring for boys

Searching for an organization that supports boys just being boys, and surrounds them with positive influences, character building activities, friendships, and opportunities to serve? Trail Life USA is where boys from kindergarten through high school are challenged in an environment that boys understand and respond to.

boys in trail life usa playing outside on tree

Trail Life USA uses adventure to capture hearts, and through various activities and connections with their leaders your son will leave each meeting with confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Boys gain skills in areas such as hiking, fishing, archery, and camping. Each leader involved with Trail Life USA is thoroughly background checked and trained to work with youth. A key pillar in Trail Life USA as an organization is the connection between father or father figure and their son. 

trail life usa boys archery

The Woodlands Trail age 5-10

Your son can join Trail Life at age 5. In the youngest group, boys on The Woodlands Trail learn skills pertaining to the outdoors, citizenship, character, friendship, and faith. They are able to earn awards for what they achieve.

The Navigators age 11-13

At the next level, the Navigators, your son will get an understanding of what they believe and the values they have. They will demonstrate responsibility as they adventure in the outdoors, grow in education, and at home. They will dive more into arenas of personal interest and earn badges.

The Adventurers age 14-18

The oldest boys in each troop, The Adventurers, are given wisdom and taught how to grow more in their faith through challenging activities at the guidance of their troop’s leaders. Adventurers are given more responsibilities in the troop, including planning and leading different outdoor events and they even have the chance to mentor some of the younger boys!

If you want to learn more about Trail Life USA, or to find or start a troop in your area, please visit here!

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