Traveling with Kids

No, this is not one more how-to article about how to sanely and successfully travel with your kids. Yes, it can have its challenges and getting a parenting break is necessary and lovely, but seeing the world through their eyes is pretty awesome too.

We got back a couple weeks ago from a quick getaway to St. John/U.S. Virgin Islands and while I would have undoubtedly finished more books and knocked back more pina coladas sans kiddo, I was grateful to share the experience with Livi and see the world through her eyes, which I sometimes lose sight of in the midst of the everyday rut.

Learning: It’s not just a kid thing.

Do you always check to see exactly what type of plane you’re flying on? I don’t but I’m well informed when Livi’s along. She loves to study the list of planes and world map showing the airline’s routes.

Enthusiastic discovery

Oh, the thrill of discovering the bits of hospitality in the room. “Mama, look at these TINY scissors in the sewing kit! Let’s try them on paper!” “Flip flops! Can we keep them?!”

Kids can be down right funny (and cheap entertainment).

We quickly discovered that the bath robe looked far better on Livi than me. And her ninja act was pretty good too, especially after I had a couple of drinks. What I didn’t capture was the shower cap portrait. (Not sure that’s a good look for anyone.) But it’s filed away in my mind for posterity!

The kindness of strangers and the wonders of nature

The staff at Caneel Bay was lovely. And we had some lively and fun chats with the waiters. After one heard we were on the lookout for the large iguana that comes to the outdoor bar for maraschino cherries, she was sweet enough to tip us off during lunch that he had indeed arrived.

To thank her, Livi made her a duck tape notepad for work. (What crafty girl would leave the mainland without duck tape?) Another super friendly waiter was the proud recipient of a duck tape tie, complete with bacon tape… he loved it! Who knew a little duck tape could make someone’s day?

Hunting and gathering beauty in the details

I am a notorious shoplifter of all things Mother Nature so it’s always fun to share in beach combing with Livi. To get away from everyday distractions and focus on the beauty surrounding us and the curious details at our feet. What you’re not seeing? The giant 20 lb piece of coral that we ultimately decided we couldn’t bring back.

Sharing new experiences

And last but not least, how cool is it to teach your kid something you have always enjoyed yourself? Pretty cool. After much trepidation and trial and error, we were finally off into the wild blue together — snorkeling and holding hands and sharing in the wonders of the sea. What will I keep close to my heart from this trip? There will hopefully be future snorkeling adventures that we’ll share, but I doubt that she’ll be holding our hands the next time around.

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