Trayvon Martin- Race and Parenting

I’ve heard two versions of this story.

Version #1. A teenage boy walks to his dad’s fiancees house carrying only a bag of skittles and and iced tea. This young black man wears a hoodie and looks “suspicious” so a neighborhood watch person shoots and kills him.

Version #2. A teenage boy attacks a neighborhood watch person, bangs his head into the concrete and then gets shot and killed out of self defense.

Which story is true? I have no idea.

Will all the facts eventually come out and justice be served? I hope so.

What is shocking to me is the HATE this story is creating inside of people.

Talk radio hosts are trying to make this a race issue. Other talk radio hosts are saying it can’t be a race issue because the shooter was Hispanic, not a white person. What is going on here?

Spike Lee sent a Tweet of the home address of the shooter. The wrong address. The new black panthers have put up a bounty for a citizens’ arrest of the shooter. It doesn’t seem that either of these are the best ways to resolve the solution.

If you want even more hate, go to a comment section of any website about this topic. Nine out of ten comments will be hateful, most of them will make you ashamed to be part of the human race.

If all you did everyday was watch TV, and read about this issue online, you would think all races hated each other. But what I see, everyday, in my neighborhood is quite different.

EVERYDAY, I see people of different races talking together, walking together, working together, holding doors open for each other, getting along with each other.

So, how am I supposed to deal with the issue of race, as a parent?

My daughter is one of only a handful of white kids in her class. She knows people have different color skin than she does. To her it is just like having eyes or hair of a different color. That’s all. One tiny difference.

Maybe instead of the grown ups trying to teach the kids about this issue, kids could teach a little something to the grown ups.


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