Tuition-Free Classical Education is Coming to Cincinnati!

If you are frustrated with modern trends in education, you will be excited to learn about this traditional alternative. Cincinnati Classical Academy is opening in Fall 2022 with grades K-6 and will add a grade each year until K-12 are served. Early Bird Enrollment is open now through December 23.

As a member of the Hillsdale College K-12 Initiative, CLASSICAL offers a tuition-free, content-rich curriculum in the classical liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in moral character and civic virtue. The school aims to prepare students for life, not just for college and career, through formation of the will to desire what is good, true, and beautiful. It relies on teachers, not digital devices, to teach, inspire, and form students. It uses primary sources and classic literature so that students can converse with and learn from the greatest thinkers who shaped Western culture and institutions.

The CLASSICAL curriculum is balanced between language, literature, math, history, science, and the arts. In lower grades, language is taught through explicit phonics and grammar, cursive handwriting, sentence diagramming, and the study of Latin. Singapore Math is used to develop algebraic thinking. These studies will prepare students for courses in logic, rhetoric, economics, moral and political philosophy, and government in upper grades, and also for robust curricula in literature, history, modern languages, mathematics, and the sciences.

Come to CLASSICAL to find a community and education that prizes those things that have lasting and proven value.

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