Unlocking Success: Build Confidence, Understanding, and Fun with Mathnasium!

Mathnasium is here to help your student build confidence and understanding in math, and we have fun along the way!

Mathnasium is a math learning center that helps students out at their understanding level and we strive to make math something that doesn’t have to be feared or hated.  We work with students in all grade levels and can catch them up, or even push them ahead!  We know that there is a stigma that comes along with math, but we work with all of our students (and even some parents!) to help them understand how math can be approachable and can even be fun!

Since we know that some students have a dislike for math we always start by making them feel welcomed into the center.  We then approach their math understanding individually, not necessarily only from their grade level standing.  We want to challenge each student at their levels and then push them to achieve more!  As they begin to show us what they can do, we make sure to continue to have that comfortable environment so that they know it is understandable to not know something.  I always tell new students, “I don’t know all the math there is to know and that is completely fine!”  Once they understand that the expectations aren’t for them to know how to graph an equation without hesitation, they begin to feel comfortable with the process and begin to believe in themselves.

Another way that Mathnasium helps families out is to bring math to their schools! We work with schools, PTA’Os, community organizations and everyone else in the form of our Math Nights.  We have games for students of all levels and we make sure that we make math approachable to the family by hosting a family game night with our partner.  We have differentiated games and stations so that every student in a family can find something they understand how to do, and sometimes even fairly beat the adults!  We know how important math education can be, and how important it is for it to be something that is approachable in the home, so we have made these math nights free of charge for the community!  We want it to be accessible to everyone!

A path to a better understanding in math is not as hard as it may seem.  We are here to help!  Whether you know someone who needs support, a school that we can work with, or a student who needs a challenge, Mathnasium is here for that.  We have multiple locations in the area, so find your nearest one today and come stop by and see how we can work together to change lives through math!  Our introductory assessments are completely free, whether you sign up or not!!

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