Ups and Downs

Being a mom of 3 comes with all kinds of ups and downs, naturally. If I ever need a strong dose of “up” to counteract some of the “down,” all I have to do is put Daisy in the bathtub.

Actually, it’s taking her OUT of the bathtub that’s my favorite part. She has a pink, fluffy hooded towel with ears. (And who in their right mind can resist a freshly bathed baby wearing a towel with ears?)

When she was very tiny, I began what turned into a ritual – I dry her off, wrap her in that fuzzy-eared towel, pick her up and we stare together into the mirror at our reflections. Daisy makes faces at herself, I copy her. Daisy kisses me, I kiss back. She smiles at her own reflection, and anticipates the “Awww…” that she’ll hear from me.

No way am I going to discourage this type of unchecked vanity. If I were a cute, round-cheeked baby with a fuzzy-eared towel, I’d stare at myself in the mirror all day.

One evening, Ian caught us in the middle of our post-bath ritual and snapped this photo. I can’t get enough of that little face. 20 months old now, just as yummy as ever.

When those “down” moments come – like this morning’s missing school bus chaos, last night’s meltdown over a computer game, or Daisy’s frequent tearful night wakings – I often find myself fantasizing about a weekend TOTALLY ALONE at some luxurious and relaxing spa.

But since that hasn’t happened yet – ever – I can always find a mini-dose of bliss by picturing that little face in the mirror, smushed up against mine, lighting up the world with her smiles.

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