Valentine’s Day in the Classroom

Do you remember celebrating Christmas (with an actual Christmas tree ) at school? Did you also dress up for Halloween and have a parade or a Halloween party at school? I remember doing those things when I was a kid. It seems like schools that still participate in these holidays are fewer and further between each school year. Christmas trees are now holiday trees, and Halloween has been demonized (you see what I did there?) so now kids aren’t allowed to wear their costumes to school.

Kids are running out of holidays they can celebrate at school.

Thankfully, the politically correct police still allow Valentine’s Day at school.

Teachers can still justify having kids fill out names on the valentines as working on penmanship. They also understand the social aspect of giving and receiving the cards to one another.

A few things have changed though.

Students spend less time coloring and decorating their card collection boxes and more time studying for standardized tests than they use to, but there’s not much that can be done about that.

There’s also less chocolate and chalky candy hearts made entirely of sugar than ever before. Today’s treats are more commonly all-natural, organic, probiotic, whole grain, healthy whatever.

Finally, Pinterest has challenged some moms (and probably a few dads) to try to one up the other parents and bring in the fanciest crafts to hand out to the class.

So moms and dads out there, lets try to keep V-Day simple. Don’t go all crazy and crafty and make other other parents, like me, look bad. Just do like the rest of us, go to Walgreen’s spend $2.00 on a box of Valentine’s and be done with it.

Let’s all do our part to keep V-Day in school.

Happy February 14th everyone!


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