Valentines Games for Kids

Looking for a few games for the kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day at school or over the weekend? Here are a few ideas that I’ve personally tried and had success with:

Heart Hunt

Buy or cut out hearts then hide them for the kids to find. Play the game at school or consider hiding the hearts for a loved one. Livi did this one year at her grandparents’ house while they were away in Florida and they really enjoyed finding all the hearts, long after the holiday had passed!

Heart Transfer

Buy some candy hearts and place in cups. Then have the kids race to see who can be the first to transfer all the hearts from one cup to another using a straw.


Famous Pairs

Have the kids make a list of famous pairs… these can be foods, characters or anything else that goes together. For example, peanut butter and jelly, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, hammer and nails; you get the idea.



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