Vikings: Beyond the Legend at the Cincinnati Museum Center

By now, you’ve probably heard that the Cincinnati Museum Center is under extensive renovation and restoration — but did you know that not only is the Children’s Museum still open for business but that they continue to host world-class exhibits?! Now open at the museum, Vikings: Beyond the Legend is the largest collection of Viking artifacts to visit North America, and is a great destination for a family outing!


Located down the hall from the Children’s Museum, the Vikings exhibit is a “myth-busting” display of artifacts, hands-on activities and larger-than-life items, including a 122-foot Viking ship. As you walk into the space, you first stop by a short movie, introducing you to the often-misunderstood Viking culture. This is an excellent opportunity to pique the interest of your young museumgoers and start the conversation of what you’ll see throughout your visit.

The exhibit itself is mostly open space and easy to maneuver. There are many artifacts to explore and learn about, and opportunities to get hands-on with touch-screen quizzes and activities such as “Write Your Name in Runes,” or letters from an ancient alphabet.

Vikings: Beyond the Legend at the Cincinnati Museum Center

The star of the show, and what will likely be your child’s favorite part, is the large Viking ship, set up in front of an equally large screen. When you stand on the bridge, built right next to the ship, you feel like you are rocking back and forth, waiting out a storm in the high seas.

Vikings: Beyond the Legend at the Cincinnati Museum Center

Vikings: Beyond the Legend is a space that enlightens the imagination and will captivate all ages. Older children will enjoy the extensive collection of artifacts and younger visitors will likely be overwhelmed (in a good way) with all there is to look at and experience. This culture is fascinating and the Cincinnati Museum Center, and its partners, allows you to go back one thousand years ago and experience it firsthand.

Vikings: Beyond the Legend at the Cincinnati Museum Center

As I was leaving the museum, a young boy and his mother were walking in. He was asking about the scaffolding and construction taking place and his mother told him they were making the museum better. His response was, “But I think it’s already pretty great!”  While I look forward to the restoration and efforts currently in place – I couldn’t agree more.


For more information on the Vikings: Beyond the Legend special exhibit, visit the Museum Center’s website here.

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