Walk among the kangaroos at Cincinnati Zoo’s new exhibit

Walk among the kangaroos at the Cincinnati Zoo’s new exhibit!

Opening Aug. 18, Roo Valley epitomes the Cincinnati’s “More Home to Roam” mission. Roo Valley was funded through the Zoo’s $50 million More Home to Roam capital campaign, which was launched in 2018 with a goal to dramatically transform Zoo habitats to give animals more space and to improve visitor experience.

At the new Roo Valley, you won’t find any glass walls or barriers between you and a dozen kangaroos. In the 15,000-square-foot Kangaroo Walkabout, guests will roam among the kangaroos as they hop about, play and graze.

(Parents, don’t worry! The kangaroos are accustomed to people and are quite friendly.) 

This new phase of the campaign also includes also a massive new facility for the zoo’s little blue penguin colony. The Cincinnati Zoo is home to North America’s largest colony of little blue penguins, and their numbers are increasingly threatened in the wild. Their habitat will include more rocky surfaces and incorporate technology to optimize swimming time, which is beneficial for penguin foot health.

Roo Valley will also feature Kanga Klimb, a two-level, ADA-accessible ropes course (opening in 2021), and a multi-tiered beer garden.

The Cincinnati Zoo’s Roo Valley opens Aug. 18. Read more about the Zoo’s new policies here.

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