We Hold These Truths…

There is a lot I don’t know. A LOT. But in 9.5 years of parenting and 11 years of marriage, there are some truths I have discovered about my family:

Calvin (9 years old son)

-When all else fails, get him with humor.

-He has many flirtations with temporary obsessions (zombies, washing machines, origami, light sabres, gold Les Paul guitars, etc.) but baseball never, NEVER dies. (Yay!)

-The kid likes expensive shoes.

-He doesn’t care that I stink at basketball. He still wants to play. And hear me throw around ridiculous trash talk (Ooh, nice vertical, Shaq!)

-Yes, there is something special about your firstborn. Don’t tell the other kids.

Clara (6 years old)

-When she is good she is very, very good…but…

-Will probably have the highest IQ of any of us

-Impeccable arguing skills will make her the world’s best lawyer some day…or maybe a Supreme Court Justice

-Has skin like a porcelain doll and hair like Barbie.

-She notices EVERYTHING.

-She will stop anything to chase a butterfly

-Loves color and sparkle

-Her intellectual age has surpassed emotional age. It’s easy to forget this.

-Don’t talk with her if you can’t handle the truth.

Daisy (almost 2)

-Best crazy decision we ever made

-Sweet and stubborn

-Was born to be a singer

-Definitely a “guy’s girl.” Loves boys, big brother, daddy, grandpas, and anyone with a Y chromosome

-Makes up for her sunny personality with crummy sleeping habits

Ian and I:

-Have perfected the “ships passing in the night” lifestyle

-Both ask too many questions, and have a hard time accepting answers that don’t make sense

-Only get a few real date nights per year, but have the most amazing conversations on long car trips

-There will never be enough sleep

-He does the fancy cooking, I pour the wine and make the salad and dessert

-I’m a little bit Broadway…he’s a little bit rock-n-roll (or jazz, blues, country, or whoever is looking for a great drummer)

-We sometimes pine for our care-free, kid-free days, but can’t stand to be away from them more than a few days

So… tell me I’m not alone. What are your family truths?

Have a great weekend!

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