Who is your favorite teacher? 

Do you remember a teacher growing up that had an especially positive impact on you? Maybe he or she nurtured a budding interest you had. Or their high expectations pushed you to achieve more than you thought possible. Possibly they were someone who just truly cared about you. Great teachers see these acts as simply part of the job description, but to their students, it can make all the difference in the course of their school day – and beyond.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, check out what these local students have to say about their favorite teachers:

Emma Treadway (pictured)

Senior, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy 

Favorite teacher: Dr. Jim Lipovsky, Latin teacher 

“My favorite teacher is Dr. Lipovsky. He has not only kindled in me a passion for Classics and its transformative abilities, but he has been both a guide and friend to me throughout my four years with him. My senior year, we often would meet during his lunch bell to look into obscure Latin puzzles (such as the convoluted meaning of the prefix “inter-“) just for the sake of learning and discussing. He is a major reason I have pushed myself, both in the college process and beyond, and I continue to go to him frequently for advice or simply for a good conversation. He has left a profound impact on my character and my motivations, and I thank him for that.”  

Molly Mysogland 

Senior, Mariemont High School 

Favorite teacher: Mike Hanley, Social Studies Teacher 

Simply put, Mr. Hanley is the best teacher because he is committed to his students. Even though he teaches many classes, the education of each and every student is always his top priority. What’s different about Mr. Hanley is that he keeps his students accountable for the material that he teaches, forcing us to be responsible and implementing a strong foundation to our AP classes. Every day in the classroom was spent learning and preparing, going beyond the textbook and curriculum. He is my favorite teacher because of his jokes, high fives in the hallways, and the fact that he respected my time and taught me well.”  

Megan Hasson 

Senior, Princeton High School 

Favorite teacher: Kristen Brown, 6-12 Music Educator, Band  

“Mrs. Kristen Brown’s dedication to teaching music at Princeton City Schools makes her a leader and role model.  As drum major of the Pride of Princeton Marching Band and first chair of the flute section in Symphonic Band, I aspire to be like Mrs. Brown. With the leadership responsibilities I was given, Mrs. Brown was always there for guidance and encouragement. She carries herself and handles situations, with poise and professionalism. She is a well-respected, intelligent, key necessity to the music department and is committed to celebrating the uniqueness of each one of her 400 plus students.  By providing musical and cultural opportunities, Mrs. Brown engages us in amazing experiences, while preparing us academically and for success overall.” 

Audrey Felton and Annaliese Andsager  

Seniors, Saint Ursula Academy 

Favorite teacher:  Dr. Samantha Jones, English/Literature Dept.   

“To both literature lovers and Shakespeare haters, Saint Ursula Academy’s Literature teacher Dr. Samantha Jones teaches with enthusiasm and care that appeals to all of her students. As both as an Advisor and a teacher, she accommodates to all learning styles by introducing riveting short stories and compelling activities that greatly expand our knowledge of literature. She makes the complicated words of William Shakespeare relatable to our current world and eagerly offers help outside of class on all assignments from research essays to poetry projects. We aspire to one day lead with the poise and energy Dr. Jones brings into her classroom as we take our Literature knowledge learned in room E105 with us to our future college classrooms.”  

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Amaya Hammons 

5th grader, Roll Hill Academy


Favorite teacher: Tiffini Gray, iLife Teacher (High tech computer)

“Mrs. Gray has been there what seems like most of my whole life. I remember when she was my library teacher and she would read books to not just me, but the whole class. She had this special way of bringing the words on those pages to life. She is one of the reasons I like to read, I am able to escape and feel like I am really there and the story is really happening. Now she is my iLife teacher, I am at most times a quiet student, but Mrs. Gray always encourages me to speak up… I remember looking in the mirror a couple of days after one of our talks and I said to myself “It’s time to be recognized.” Mrs. Gray has helped me become more confident. If I have any problems I can talk to her. Mrs. Gray can make you happy when you are down! However she always makes sure you have your work done before everything. All of these things make Mrs. Gray who she is; she is nice, funny, cute, smart and prepared for everything. And that is enough for me.” 

Chloe Volk 

4 years old, Creative Tots 

Favorite Teacher: Nancy Piening  

“Miss Nancy is silly and very lovey. She always give me hugs and is very sweet. The calendar is my favorite thing at circle time. I like it the best because you get to count! She always has the most amazing crafts at her table! She always does super interesting things. She says, ‘Can you tell me what the name of this shape is?’ And ‘Try to build a dinosaur.’ She does so many things like that cool dinosaur picture we made with the 10 plates!” 

Thank you for everything you do, Cincinnati teachers and educators!

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