Why I love Goldfish Swim School

Let me just begin by saying: I did it all wrong. Despite the fact that, as a kid, I took swim lessons until I graduated to swim team, and then spent nearly every summer working as a lifeguard… my kids were 7, 5 and 4 when they *started* swim lessons last summer at our local pool. And I did that wrong, too — I didn’t sign them up until the last session, so as of this year, their swim experience was limited to six lessons.

For me, it was overwhelming to know where to start. But with summer break looming large, this spring, I decided to finally take the plunge (pun intended) with my preschooler. Goldfish Swim School helped me every step of the way, from placing Harvey in the correct class, to getting him excited about swimming, to giving him a solid foundation to continue on this summer. 

There are a lot of fish swim schools in the sea Cincinnati, but Goldfish really shines for so many reasons. Here’s why I love Goldfish Swim School – and why I’m going to continue my kids’ lessons there going forward:

Your first lesson is free.

If you’re not sure what level your kid is, or whether or not you’re ready to commit to lessons, simply call the front desk at Goldfish and set up a free trial lesson! This is no-risk, low-pressure way to test the waters.

Lessons are fun.

I am a firm believer in play-based learning: my son attends a play-based preschool, and it’s important for me that learning is fun. And Goldfish Swim School makes learning to swim fun – their Science of SwimPlay® philosophy uses play-based learning to teach kids the fundamentals in a fun and safe environment. Harvey is all smiles during lessons.

The curriculum is clear.

At Goldfish Swim School, there is a standardized curriculum followed by every single instructor. You’ll see the waterproof manual on the side during each lesson. Each level has set, clear-cut objectives and the kids build on these skills with each week.

There is tons of one-on-one time.

With small classes (there are 4 students in Harvey’s class), your child is guaranteed lots of one-on-one time. There is a lead teacher and assistant, which means the kids are constantly being engaged. Harvey absolutely adores his teacher, who, over the weeks has gotten to know his spunky personality and knows how to best work with him. Each week, Harvey is pushed just a little more, and is now swimming several strokes all by himself. As a parent, I love how much individual attention the kids get during lessons.

Parent-teacher communication is valued.

And it’s not just the kids who get one-on-one time with the instructors! As each week’s lesson draws to a close, a lifeguard calls for parents to come into the pool to conference with the instructors. This one-on-one time has been wonderful because it gives me things to praise Harvey about and also things I can encourage going forward.

There are beginner classes for all ages.

This was big for me: I was worried I’d “missed the boat” in terms of not getting my kids started when they were little. At our community lessons last summer, my 7 year old was in a group with two 4 year olds. I definitely don’t want to make my older kids self conscious, and think it’s important they’re grouped with their peers, in ability and age. At Goldfish, there are beginner classes offered in every age ranges, so your kids will be placed with kids their age.

Lessons are ongoing: 24/7, 365 days a year.

I love that kids can continue lessons on an ongoing basis. Taking a vacation? Skip a few lessons, then come back where you left off. Your kids will change levels as their abilities increase. Instructors pay attention to each child to make sure they’re where they need to be. Harvey will continue lessons through the summer and into the fall, when we will simply change to days to fit his PreK schedule.

The facility is designed with families in mind.

Goldfish Swim School West Chester

The open waiting room (with free coffee); the organized, brightly colored pool deck; warm, 90 degree water for the swimmers; rows of chairs – outside the pool – in an air conditioned viewing where you can safely watch your swimmers; the kids’ are with an aquarium and activities; lots of *private* changing rooms, clean bathrooms and amenities like a swimsuit dryer and hair dryers… Goldfish Swim School is not your average indoor pool.

Goldfish Swim School makes learning to swim fun for kids — and they make enrolling and signing up for swim lessons simple for parents. Over the last several weeks, swim lessons have become part of our weekly routine, and something Harvey looks forward to every Friday. And more importantly, he has become a much more confident swimmer, mastering back floats, “superman” push-offs and underwater bobs. At Goldfish, Harvey’s not simply learning the skills needed to be safe and strong in the water — he’s also becoming a more confident and self-assure little person. And that’s really why I love Goldfish Swim School.

Goldfish Swim School has two locations in Greater Cincinnati: West Chester (where we attend lessons) and Anderson, which is a beautiful facility that just opened in May! For more information and to schedule your first (free) lesson, visit goldfishswimschool.com.

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