You’re failing as a parent if you haven’t taught your child these nine things.

There are certain skills every child should learn before they start Kindergarten. I’m not talking about things that will make them book smart, I’m talking about street smarts for kids.

Breaking a stick over your knee. It’s resourceful, it’s important if you’re building a campfire for s’mores and most importantly, it’s cool.

Making the BEST chocolate milk ever. Every child should be taught how to add milk to an almost empty syrup bottle, shake it, then drink the best chocolate milk ever, straight from the bottle.

Sticking to the list at the grocery store. Learning this skill has the potential to save someone thousands of dollars.

Knowing how to make a PB and J. Over the course of your child’s life they will likely eat hundreds of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the sooner he or she is taught this skill, the sooner you can stop making them for people other than yourself.

Politely ordering a meal at a restaurant. Speak up, speak clearly, speak to the server.

Drinking out of water fountain without putting his or her mouth on the spout.

Using a public bathroom without getting all “handsy” with every part of the toilet.

Kids should know how to hold onto the end of their long-sleeved shirt while putting on a coat so their sleeves don’t get bunched up inside the coat.

Finally, all kids over the age of 5 should know how to replace the toilet paper roll, the correct way, where the paper unrolls “over the top.”

Are there any other life skills that didn’t make the list that you feel should have?


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