Youth Soccer Personality Types

This spring my daughter played in a 4’s and 5’s soccer league. As far as I can tell, there are six types of little kickers running around, they are as follows:

The Tryer- This kid gives his or her best effort. A Tryer’s skill level is not usually too good, but what he lacks in skill he makes up for with heart. Tryers are the most common type of players on a soccer field.

The Flower Picker- He, or most of the time she, can be found wandering the field looking for flowers to pick and give to the coach. By the end of the game she will also have stuffed her hair full of dandelions.

The Crier- This child simply DOES NOT want to be there and will cry through every game, beginning to end. Persistence is one of the criers finest qualities.

The natural athlete- This kid can run fast, dribble and kick the ball without falling over. He or she could probably beat an entire team by him/herself.

The child with the overbearing dad- This child (usually a boy) will be easy to spot, because he will be on the other side of the field as far away from the parent bleachers as possible. His parent’s voice will be louder than the coach shouting instruction at his embarrassed son. Everyone feels bad for this little guy, except for his clueless dad.

Dressed for success- This child has all the latest and greatest gear. He has brand new cleats, socks, shin guards and a matching practice jersey and shorts. This child may not have any idea what’s going on in the game, but one thing is for sure, he will look good doing it!

Which personality type are you driving to the soccer field on Saturday??


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