ZipZone Outdoor Adventures

If your kids crave outdoor adventure like mine do, then you need to check out ZipZone. Located just north of Columbus, ZipZone Outdoor Adventures is absolutely worth the trip for Cincinnati families.

TripAdvisor has rated ZipZone as the number one outdoor activity in all of Columbus — and this outdoor adventure park certainly lives up to the hype.

ZipZone is absolutely beautiful, tucked away in the woods just outside of Columbus. ZipZone was starting in 2012 to bring an amazing hands-free, fully guided zip line tour in the treetops of Camp Mary Orton. In 2017, owners Jerrod and Lori Pingle added a treetop Adventure Park and ground-level Kids Park for the littlest adventurers ages 4-7.

The Kids Park is perfect for the littlest adventurers.

It’s a scaled-down version of the Aerial Adventure Park that challenges kids with tightropes, moving platforms and rope climbs.

The ropes and zip lines are all kid-height, and everyone wears a harness that gets attached to each part of the course.

I was surprised at how quickly my kids got the hang of getting themselves hooked on and off each section, and how independently they tackled the course.

Tickets for the Kid’s Park are $19, and include 2 hours of climb time.

Kids will quickly get the hang of the courses, and have fun doing them again and again! The timed reservations mean that the course will never feel crowded, and kids can move at their own speed.

ZipZone is a ton of fun and absolutely worth the trip for a little adventure this summer. For older kids, there’s a course for kids 7+ that I’m excited to do with my now-eight-year-old next time! (I was definitely jealous of all the fun they were having…)

Fore more information or to set up a reservation, visit

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