10 Outdoor Attractions in Cincinnati Perfect for Exploring this Winter

January’s here and so are the colder temps. So bundle up and embrace the cold — here are 10 outdoor attractions in Cincinnati perfect for exploring this winter:

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1: Pyramid Hill

Pyramid Hill, possibly our favorite on the list, truly shines as a hidden gem tucked away in Butler County along a rolling country road. To be fair, Pyramid Hill isn’t exactly concealed; it boldly announces its presence. At the entryway, a striking red sculpture captures attention. As you explore the expansive 300 acres, the hills and valleys reveal a landscape adorned with larger-than-life sculptures that command attention and admiration.

2: Highfield Discovery Garden

Highfield Discovery Garden is quite possibly the most magical place in Cincinnati. This straight-from-a-fairytale Great Park is full of secrets, mystery and wonder, and will absolutely get your kids excited about the great outdoors. Winter admission to this Great Park is just $6/child — but you’ll want to check the park’s schedule before you go!

3: French Park

French Park is a true hidden gem and one of the top outdoor attractions in Cincinnati; a dreamy natural oasis in Amberley Village. You’ve never been to a Cincinnati Park quite like this. The park features rolling hills and a kid-friendly creek that’s perfect for little explorers.

4: Cincinnati Art Museum Art Climb

The Cincinnati Art Museum’s Art Climb is a splendid work of art that marries form and function through an artfully arranged nine-story staircase. The Art Climb is 164 carefully laid steps that connect the Cincinnati Art Museum to its neighbors. It’s the perfect outdoor activity for families.

5 & 6: Mt. Airy Treehouse + Arboretum

We love Mt. Airy so much, it took two coveted spots on this roundup:

As a whole, Mt. Airy Forest is Cincinnati’s largest park — coming in at almost 1,500 acres. It was established in 1911 out of several unproductive farms, and was the first municipal reforestation project in America.

Mt. Airy Treehouse is 14 feet tall and connected to 12 trees within the forest. It has whimsical, fairy-tale features, such as a winding (and wheel-chair accessible) ramp, a swirly, shingled roof, and windows with crooked branches as windowpanes. It’s magical.

Mt. Airy Arboretum is a magnificent collection of trees, foliage and flowers, tucked inside the eponymous Cincinnati Park. While Mt. Airy Forest is known for its hiking and treehouse, the Arboretum is perhaps its greatest attribute. The Arboretum features the “best of the best” in terms of foliage and plant life. It reminds us just how glorious and beautiful Cincinnati truly is. This hidden gem is worth exploring this summer with your kids.

7. Arlitt Playscape

Arlitt Playscape is the very definition of a true hidden gem. It’s literally located in the middle of the campus; yet, once you’re in it, you don’t feel at all like you’re at the center of our city’s largest school. The playscape is completely enclosed by a fence, so you can truly let your kids run wild in this little piece of urban paradise. There are trails winding through the playscape, like a labyrinth, connecting the various areas together. Dubbed an “outdoor research laboratory” by education scholars at UC, Arlitt Playscape is proof kids don’t need a bunch of bells and whistles to have fun.

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8. Cincinnati Nature Center

With 1,600 acres and 20 miles of trails, the Cincinnati Nature Center holds the distinction of being the largest member-supported nature center in the country. The outdoor PlayScape takes center stage for kids, offering the opportunity to touch and manipulate plants, soil, and water. They can stomp through creeks and build with logs, making it an engaging and interactive experience for young adventurers.

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9. Heritage Village Museum

Heritage Village Museum is one of Cincinnati’s most unique hidden gems. It’s a well-preserved glimpse into Ohio’s rich history and heritage, just waiting to be explored. Located inside Sharon Woods, Heritage Village is an outdoor history museum with real buildings from the 1800s. The buildings are from various locations around Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky, and include churches, log cabins, homes, a barn and old train station.

10. Cincinnati Zoo

Going to the Zoo during the winter is one of the top outdoor attractions in Cincinnati and is utterly delightful! You’ll get to see animals you probably never noticed in warmer months, like the Arctic fox and penguins. You’ll skip the crowds and enjoy a more relaxed experience.

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