Discover the Magic of Pleasant Ridge’s 1000 Hands Playground

Located at the Rec Center, Pleasant Ridge’s 1000 Hands Playground is a true community gem. Picture this: a playground built by the hands of hundreds, even thousands, of passionate volunteers. In 2000, more than 3,000 amazing individuals came together to create this incredible space for kids and families to enjoy. And in 2013, it was even renovated to make it better and safer than ever before.

This whimsical playground offers an array of exciting features that will surely captivate your little ones. From swings designed for infants, big kids, and even tire swings, to enchanting bridges and fairy tale castles, there’s no shortage of fun here. Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights:

1000 Hands Crocodile

Larger-than-Life Xylophones

What child can resist the joy of banging on things? These larger-than-life xylophones will surely be a favorite among little musicians.

Ropes, Beams and Bridges

Encourage your kids to test their coordination and balance as they navigate various ropes, balance beams, and bridges. It’s both challenging and incredibly fun!

The Crocodile Slide

Prepare for endless giggles as your kids zoom down the chomping crocodile slide. The thrill of being chased by Mommy Crocodile is simply irresistible!


1,000 Steps!

Okay, maybe it’s a slight exaggeration, but the 1000 Hands Playground is packed with climbable structures and lots of steps. Children will have a blast exploring and navigating this imaginative playland. The best part? Many of these structures are connected, creating an exciting challenge. Can your kids make it from one to the next without touching the ground?

Insider Tips

Aside from these incredible features, there are a few points to note before your visit. The playground is an all-wooden structure, complementing its natural surroundings and there are no bathrooms onsite. Keep in mind that there aren’t many shaded areas, so be sure to pack sunscreen to protect your little ones from the sun’s rays.

For our younger adventurers, there’s a smaller play structure designed specifically for toddlers and preschoolers. They’ll also find a mini monkey bar set, perfect for their size.


One thing is for sure – the 1000 Hands Playground is built for pretend play. With its nooks, cubbyholes, and imaginative design, children will have endless opportunities to let their creativity soar.

Looking to make the most of your outing? After a fun-filled time at the playground, take a leisurely six-minute walk to The Coffee Exchange. Grab a cup of joe and indulge in a refreshing break while processing the delightful memories your family has created.

So, gather your loved ones and head over to Pleasant Ridge’s 1000 Hands Playground, located at 5919 Ridge Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45213. It’s a place where community spirit and imagination come together, creating cherished moments for your family.

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