30 Days of Thanks

Welcome to November! If October is known for the falling leaves, pumpkins and candy, then November is known for a yummy meal and giving thanks! Perhaps today you are thankful for the chocolate you secretly stole from your kids’ trick-or-treat bags or maybe you are just grateful the Halloween craziness is over! If you’re like me, you’re a little disappointed that October is over, but looking forward to the month ahead.

November, of course, hosts Thanksgiving – a holiday dedicated to sharing our thankfulness. But there’s no need to have that grateful attitude just one day this month. Have you heard of “30 Days of Thanks?” It’s a movement that takes over social media throughout November, encouraging people to share what they are thankful for. It’s positive, encouraging, and thoughtful… basically just what we all need.

I will be participating this year, for many reasons. It’s a great time to reflect on the life I am so lucky to lead. It’s an opportunity to share my gratefulness with those important to me. And it’s a way for me to teach my children the true meaning of the upcoming holiday.

In the spirit of the month, we invite you to participate in our Cincy Parent 30 Days of Thanks! To help you out, I’ve put together a list of suggestions – ways to show thanks – but you can do it however you like! When you share on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #CincyParent30daysofthanks.


Thank you for reading and participating! We wish you a happy, peaceful and thankful November!

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