Are You a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch?

The other day, with several helping hands, I managed to get myself into about 15 pounds of tulle, a curly wig and a 3-foot crown. I will be playing Glinda in the upcoming production of “The Wizard of Oz” at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre, and we needed a few publicity shots.

My own youngest Munchkin, Daisy May, looked at me as though I were an alien when I stepped out of the dressing room. She inched toward me with a very suspicious look. “It’s me – it’s just Mommy in a silly dress and wig!” I tried to reassure her. Hearing my voice helped – just a little. I never managed to get a smile out of her, but she hung in there long enough for my theatre friend, Patricia, to snap a few of the strangest mother-daughter pictures we’ll probably ever have in our family photo album.

A trip to “Oz” is an absolute dream for me in so many ways, and I will be posting quite a few behind-the-scenes blogs over the next few months. We start rehearsing soon, and the show runs May 31-July 15. I have been involved with theatre since I was tiny, and this will be my third show at Beef & Boards, but it’s my very first full-scale main stage professional production. A six week run – 8 shows per week. I know it won’t be easy while managing work and 3 busy kids, but thankfully, I have a husband, friends, parents and co-workers who have been remarkably encouraging as I get ready to take my first steps down the yellow brick road.

Luckily, this moonlighting gig comes with a magic wand. I have a feeling it will come in very handy. Hope to see you at the show!

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