New Beginning

So – in one short week I’ve made an enormous leap. One week ago tonight, I signed off from WRTV6 for the last time. This week I began a new career in the communications department with Riley Children’s Foundation. As much as I’ve enjoyed the wild world of TV news for the past 15 years, it became clear as my kids grew older that they need me in the evenings – which is exactly when the TV station needed me. It felt like a miracle when I unexpectedly was presented with an opportunity to start a new career that combines my love of writing with my passion for helping children by working on their magazine, Riley Messenger. This job comes with the most family-friendly hours I could possibly dream up, and a 4-day work week, with Fridays off. I love my new co-workers and the incredibly positive environment that the Riley leadership has created.

I’m sitting in here in shock that on a Friday, I’m home snuggling my little Daisy and waiting for the school buses that bring Calvin and Clara home from grade school. We’ll have after school snacks, hang out, play with friends, go to baseball practice, and have the traditional Friday popcorn and movie night that I’ve always missed out on.

Tomorrow night, I’ll gather with my former TV co-workers for one last hurrah. Many have been sharing words of encouragement about my big decision – I have truly appreciated their friendship and support.

But tonight, I’m savoring the exquisitely exciting prospect of doing what I suppose a lot of “normal” families do on Friday nights. There’s no place like home!

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