Bricktionary: The ultimate LEGO® A-Z

The ultimate LEGO® experience is at Cincinnati Museum Center! Bricktionary: The ultimate LEGO® A-Z makes its WORLD PREMIERE in Cincinnati. With over 150 custom-built LEGO® models, Bricktionary proves if you can dream it, you can build it. The exhibition is open through October 15th at Cincinnati Museum Center.


From the artistry and imagination of Ryan “Brickman” McNaught, Bricktionary is a whimsical walk through the alphabet that pushes the limits of what’s possible with LEGO® bricks. From a 10-foot leaping orca to a life-size Harley-Davidson to a soaring X-Wing Starfighter, the exhibition dazzles with its attention to detail, its sheer scale and its exquisite artistry. Iconic pieces of pop culture and landmarks from around the world fill the gallery as Godzilla stomps through buildings across from a glowing DeLorean and the Eiffel Tower peaks above gallery walls to peek at the Seattle Space Needle. 

The fun is in the details. Each letter of the alphabet is built out of LEGO® bricks and surrounded by LEGO® minifigures and sculptures to represent that letter, creating a mental scavenger hunt to figure out each one. The exhibition is the ultimate journey from acrobats, aviators and avocados to zippers, zombies and the Zodiac.

But Bricktionary isn’t just for looking, it’s built for play, too! Interactive build zones encourages LEGO® engineers of all ages to let their imaginations run wild. Test your LEGO® structure against an earthquake machine as you ratchet up the Richter scale to see if it will stand tall or tumble down. Or add your piece to the LEGO® garden and design your own spaceship. Plus, help build a massive LEGO® mosaic 36 bricks at a time as you fill a 6×6 square. Add it to the growing mosaic and see if you can guess what the finished product will be.

Bricktionary: The ultimate LEGO® A-Z is a fun-filled journey for all ages – whether you’re just graduating from Duplo to LEGO® or you’re dusting off an astronaut kit from the 80s. Enjoy the world premiere of the ultimate LEGO® experience at Cincinnati Museum Center.

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