The Craft Lab: Home of the Paint Playground

If you’re looking for a place to unleash your creativity while having fun with the family, The Craft Lab in Milford, Ohio, could be the perfect spot for you. Offering a wide range of art experiences and unique activities, it’s an oasis for anyone looking for an inspiring and relaxing environment to reconnect with their inner artist… and maybe get a little messy!

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One of the standout features of The Craft Lab is its Paint Playground, a space that encourages everyone to unleash their inner Picasso on canvas. The playground provides all the materials you need to create beautiful artworks, including canvases, brushes, paint, and more. The Paint Playground is for individuals aged 2 and up and groups to up to 12! This 45-minute session of messy paining, includes using pipettes, scrapers and more to create a one of a kind design. And of course, you get to take home your unique creation after the fun!


Admission for the Paint Playground includes a canvas, carryout box, poncho, safety glasses, and a 45-minute session. Small canvas admission costs $26.99 per person, while large canvas admission is $36.99 each. Additional extras like canvases, paint cups, and squirt guns are available for purchase.

Beyond the Paint Playground, The Craft Lab has a variety of party packages that are perfect for any special occasion. Their packages include everything you need to ensure a memorable and fun experience, such as personalized projects, decorations, and more!


If you’re looking for anytime activities, The Craft Lab has got you covered. They offer several options, such as acrylic pour painting, electric spin art, toddler time, and craft kits. These activities give you the chance to learn new skills and create something unique and beautiful.

Another fantastic offering at The Craft Lab is its membership program, providing members with unlimited access to all of their anytime activities, including free admission to the Paint Playground. This membership is a perfect opportunity for art enthusiasts, families, and friends looking for a new way to spend their free time.

Visit them at their convenient location conveniently located at 1334 OH-131 Day Heights, OH. Be sure to follow them on social media and visit their website to learn more.

The Craft Lab – where art and fun come together!

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