Cincinnati Reds Catcher Tucker Barnhart donates meals to local health care workers

COVID-19 has brought our community together in so many ways. Just this week, Cincinnati Reds Catcher Tucker Barnhart donated meals to local health care workers.

This week, Reds catcher Tucker Barnhart provided free lunches to the staff at Good Samaritan TriHealth Hospital.

Partnering with Frisch’s, Barnhart provided 40, $25 gift cards to various nurses, doctors and staff members at the hospital. The $1,000 donation was split evenly between Barnhart and Frisch’s, and Barnhart intends to continue making weekly meal donations for individuals in the health care industry.

Like most of the country, Barnhart has been moved by the health care workers who have been putting their own safety at risk in order to tend to the sick. When there is that rare moment to pause amid the chaos, he’d like them to enjoy a meal on him.

The Reds catcher purchases gift cards worth $500, and through his social networks invites people to call the restaurant, order a meal and mention his name. On Thursday, Barnhart donated $500 to the new Taste of Belgium at the Banks in Cincinnati. The offer began at 12:35 pm, the same time a typical Thursday day game at Great American Ball Park would start.

Dubbed #TakeoutThursday, the offer extends to 20 patrons at a limit of $25 per order. It also accomplishes two things — it gives complimentary meals to people who may have run into hard times during this pandemic, and it sends a friendly reminder to everyone to support their local businesses.

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