Cottell Park Sunflowers

*Cottell Park is currently closed until further notice.

Sunflowers are the happiest flowers. And an entire field full of bright, blooming sunflowers? That’s positively delightful. 

Earlier this week, my kids and I visited the Cottell Park sunflowers. You can’t miss the sunflowers – they’re the very definition of a roadside attraction

The sunflowers have bloomed, and the field shines bright with gold and yellow rays. It’s absolutely worth a trip to Mason to see this attraction in person.

My kids were in awe of these giant flowers, which towered several feet above each of them. We explored the maze of sunflowers, admiring their beauty.

The Cottell Park sunflowers are a beautiful backdrop for professional family photos or instagrammed iPhone pics (no filter needed!). They’re a gift from Natorp’s, a fourth-generation family-owned nursery in Cincinnati. The field us free to visit and admire — but tread lightly. The sunflowers were planted for the community to enjoy and located on private property. Do not pick the sunflowers, and be respectful of the land. 

As we continue to navigate summer under a pandemic, the Cottell Park sunflowers are a lovely reminder that life is just so full of beauty.

The sunflowers flowers are currently approaching peak bloom — definitely plan a visit ASAP!


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