Southwest Ohio Most Creative Milkshakes

The temperature outside keeps rising and us in Southwest Ohio are raising straws to the best milkshakes the area has to offer! Join us on a summer of exploring the best drinkable desserts in the city!

Old Milford Parlor: Coffee & Ice Cream

They have 1 goal – to make your experience memorable. Offering a full, traditional Creamy Whip Menu with the addition of edible cookie dough made from scratch. The Parlor also offer a full espresso menu (Locally Roasted). Each of its 3 locations is very unique to its area. We love to pay respect to our past by displaying local memorabilia, unique artifacts, and just simply neat stuff.

Aglamesis Bro’s

Two Scoops of french vanilla ice cream mixed with the sauce of your choice & heaping amounts of malt powder (if you want it!) combine to create an instant classic. If you’ve never been to Aglamesis Bro’s, prepare to step back in time in a vintage ice cream parlor. These are the kind of milkshakes that fill you with nostalgia and take you back to the good ol’ days of summer.

Terry’s Grocery and Pizza

Terry’s Grocery and Pizza gained a lot of local attention during the lockdown and there’s no wonder why! The monster sized Crazy Shakes taste even better than they look. Pizza and a shake is an unbeatable combo. The “wow” and “oh my gosh” is heard over and over as customers get a first look at their insanely topped crazy shake. Our personal favorite, the Orange Creamsicle, is nothing short of a citrus packed phenomenon.

Tickle Pickle

If the fact that this place is in Northside doesn’t tell you how eclectic it is, its rhyming name certainly will. Known for their locally sourced ingredients and delicious burgers, Tickle Pickle also makes a mean shake! Named after famous musicians, you can order anything from the Oreo Speedwagon to the James Brownie. To take it a step further, you can even order a vegan milkshake. It’ll be easy to ‘stay cool’ when you’re slurping on one of these bad boys in Northside!

Twist Ice Cream Company

While the twist may be known for twisting flavors together on a cone, they also know how to blend them together to form unique creations. How about a salted caramel mocha shake to satisfy your sweet tooth and fight that summer heat? Yes please.


Fancy cookie dough milkshakes, Spoonful is known as the edible cookie dough place. What could be better than cookie dough and milkshakes?

Young’s Jersey Dairy 

Work up your milkshake appetite at Young’s Dairy. From mini golf to batting cages, a Diary Store to a behind the scenes look at the farm, Young’s gives you a full day of family fun. Not to mention the farm made ice cream is the perfect summer treat.

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