Guide to Candy Shops in Cincinnati + Dayton

Looking to make a memory? Take your children back in time — and relive the days of visiting the local five-and-dime. We’re listing some of our favorite candy shops in Southwest Ohio, complete with old-school ice cream counters and pick-your-own candy.


Location: Montgomery and Oakley

The story begins during the late 1800’s in the beautiful, Old World countryside outside of Sparta, Greece. It was here that Thomas Aglamesis left his home at age sixteen to seek opportunity. What started as an ice cream parlor has turned into a full blown parlor-candy shop using the same traditional confectionery techniques.

Doscher’s Candy Co.

Location: Newtown

For close to 150 years, Doscher’s has used the same recipes and techniques to create their world-famous Doscher Chews, candy canes, caramels and candy buttons. The shop has expanded to include a full service coffee/espresso bar and retail center with curated candy bags, baskets, local Cincinnati trinkets and gifts.

Tickled Sweet

Location: Milford

Hand-dipped, melt-in-your-mouth artisan chocolates, nut and caramel filled signature pieces, and over 30 varieties of house-made fudge are at the heart of the Old Milford candy shop. Cookies, gummies, popsicles and other sweet treats fill the space of the corner candy store.

Loveland Sweets

Location: Loveland

Loveland Sweets is a quaint, old school sweet shop right off the Loveland Bike Trail. After a long day biking, families love to stop in for some sweet treats. Known for their Marshmallow Cloud – a dreamy combination of delicious homemade marshmallow dipped in chocolate, this signature sweet is sure to satisfy.

Schneider’s Sweet Shop

Location: Bellevue, KY

This Northern Kentucky favorite has been serving sweets since 1939! One of their most popular features is the Ice Ball, a combination of their homemade ice cream, inside a snow cone, and topped with their homemade syrup. Visit this shop and you instantly feel a part of the Schneider Sweet Shop family.

Minges Peter & Sons Wholesale Confectionery

Location: Downtown Cincinnati

Looking to buy some sweets in bulk? Minges offers inexpensive bulk buying options on all your favorite sweet treats like: tootsie rolls, charleston chews, sixlets, smarties and more! Perfect for those holidays when you need to fill baskets for your favorite Easter bunnies or bags for trick-or-treaters.

Dayton Candy & Nut Store

Location: Springboro and Dayton Retail Stores

A family owned candy shop which manufactures the finest quality nuts and candy in two facilities in Dayton and Springboro, Ohio. Dayton Candy & Nut products are marketed under various brand names which include Dayton Nut, Friesingers, Candy Farm and Riverdale Fine Foods.

Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shack

Location: Troy, Springfield, Miamisburg, Middletown, Chillicothe

If the lid closes, it’s only $5! WE DON’T CARE HOW MUCH IT WEIGHS OR WHAT YOU CRAM IN THERE! Let’s be honest… Buying candy by the pound is the worst. No matter how careful you are, you end up spending WAY more than you meant to. With the $5 box, the only surprise is how much candy you’re able to get into that box! With over 100 candies to choose from, it’s no surprise that the World Famous $5 Candy Buffet is the most popular attraction.

Bellbrook Chocolate Shop

Location: 2nd Street Market and Cross Pointe Shoppe

Bellbrook Chocolate Shoppe has maintained its reputation for its delicious blend of milk and dark chocolate combined with handmade creams, nuts and other fillings. Famous for their deliciously creative seasonal candy offerings.

Winans Chocolates and Coffee

Location: Troy, Sidney, Piqua, Springfield, Beavercreek, Dayton and more

In the Winans Chocolate Factory in Piqua, Ohio, we mix fresh, whole ingredients like heavy cream, butter, and sugar. Then we add peanut butter, nuts or purees like maple, orange, raspberry, and coconut to create the center of our chocolate confections. The centers are coated with Winans’ finest chocolate. Then each chocolate is marked and packed by hand into a variety of gift boxes for the candy shops.

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