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What nature destroyed, it also preserved.

On August 24, 79 A.D., the city of Pompeii was frozen in time by the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. But what nature destroyed, it also preserved. Through 150 artifacts, POMPEII: The Exhibition tells the tale of a city hidden from view and forgotten for centuries.

In a media-rich, object-based immersive experience, discover the bustling commercial port and strategic military and trading center that was Pompeii. Authentic artifacts from Pompeii recreate a sense of this world as you discover how its people lived, loved, worked, worshipped and found entertainment at the height of the Roman Empire. The exhibition includes:

  • An introductory theater that sets the scene in a video with dramatic reconstructions of Pompeii and the nearby volcano, painting the picture of an idyllic Roman city.
  • A reproduced atrium from a Roman villa in 79 A.D. that serves as the entry point to the ancient city.
  • Holographic gladiatorial combat, a brand-new 3D experience that takes guests through the different stages of the Mt. Vesuvius eruption.
  • Over 150 authentic artifacts that help bring the story of Pompeii to life, including mosaics and frescoes; gladiator helmets, armor and weapons; a ship’s anchor; lamps, jugs, cups, plates, pots and pans and other household objects and furniture; jewelry; medical instruments; and tools.
  • A simulated 4D eruption theater that allows guests to experience the deadly impact Mount Vesuvius had on the city, culminating in the reveal of full body casts of twisted human forms, asphyxiated by extreme heat and noxious gases, forever frozen in time.


February 16 (Friday) - July 28 (Sunday)(GMT+00:00)


Cincinnati Museum Center

1301 Western Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45203


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