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Halloween is once a year; however, my kids wear their costumes year-round. Yet while you could argue that my three year old’s Batman costume is part of his wardrobe (and it is!), I still don’t want to spend a ton of money on a costume. I’m sure you can relate! Luckily for us, Once Upon a Child makes costume shopping affordable and easy.

Their Halloween Kick Off event was last Saturday, and from now through October, you’ll find everything Halloween at Once Upon a Child. Need a ladybug costume for your infant? A Wonder Woman cape for your preschooler? From capes to costumes, masks to shoes, Once Upon a Child is you one-stop shop for all things Halloween.

In terms of selection, shopping at Once Upon A Child is basically like going to a costume store or retailer like Target. Infant/toddler costumes are arranged by color and theme; there were Ladybug Girls and Bumblebee Boys, Bengal tigers and even Dr. Seuss characters! There’s an entire endcap devoted to dragons, and someone really needs to put their crew in dragon costumes this year, because those costumes are adorable! {Full disclosure: we went to the Fields Ertel store, but I’m told the selection is just as great at the other OUAC locations.}

My kids are all about superheroes, and we came with a few ideas in mind. And while you generally “get what you get” at most consignment stores, chances are, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Once Upon a Child — at Once Upon a Child prices. The secondhand costumes are literally a fraction of the price of what you’d pay for brand-new costumes. And all of the costumes we saw were in excellent condition — most had the original packaging, came with all the original accessories and literally looked like they’d only been worn once or twice (which, if you think about it, they probably were only worn once or twice!). Some of the costumes had never been worn at all, hanging on the racks with their original tags intact.

Mary, age 4.5, wanted to be either Wonder Woman or Batgirl, and we found an adorable Batgirl costume and cape in her size. Three-year-old Harvey was all about Batman — and there was almost a full rack devoted to just the Dark Knight! (There was also a really sweet Joker costume that someone needs to scoop up.) For my first-grader Julian, we found a Flash cape and mask, and he’ll look adorable running around in that (and some red pajamas we already have at home).

The store organization and helpful staff made it really easy to find exactly what we were looking for, and after finding awesome costumes two years in a row, I can honestly say I’ll never shop anywhere else for Halloween! Take advantage of the current costume selection, and head to your local Once Upon A Child ASAP to find this year’s costumes for your family!

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