Find Your Wild with Great Parks of Hamilton County

Great Parks announces the launch of Find Your Wild, a new campaign and a tagline that will inspire the community to find unique experiences throughout their system of 22 parks and preserves. Find Your Wild is the first major initiative to modernize the identity of Great Parks in line with the themes and priorities of the agency’s master plan as directed by Hamilton County residents.

Find Your Wild

“Find Your Wild is the start of a comprehensive and strategic update in how we deliver what the public wants—opportunities to experience Hamilton County’s big lands, amazing outdoor spaces, and miles of trails unique to Great Parks,” said Todd Palmeter, CEO. “The public is turning to our destinations to rediscover what being outdoors means to them and to escape their daily grind. Through Find Your Wild, we will show how welcoming and within-reach these natural treasures are.”

As an immediate expression of this new approach, the Find Your Wild roadshow, led by Great Parks field guides, will feature information on new ways to experience these destinations. Roadshow guests will enjoy cozy campfires, s’mores, hammocks, camping chairs, music, and good company. The Find Your Wild roadshow will travel to Great Parks destinations across Hamilton County throughout October. is launching in conjunction with the Find Your Wild roadshow. The new site will provide inspirational ideas for exploring Great Parks destinations in fun, new ways.

Visits to the outdoor spaces at Great Parks continue in high numbers, a steady trend over the past several years, leading to this timely opportunity to refocus. This trend further reinforced the mental and physical benefits of spending more time outdoors. The strategic refresh also comes in response to tremendous public input about the parks, including being a recognized leader in conservation, providing innovative programming, and creating outstanding experiences.

One of the most visible elements of the new Great Parks identity is the new acorn mark, a bold and iconic visualization of the promise and possibilities available from the nearly 18,000 acres of protected land at Great Parks. The acorn design represents the seeds of change Greats Parks is planting for the community and the future. It can be interpreted as hills, trees, water, or other unique, nature-based personal takeaways for every individual.

“Our new acorn mark represents the lasting impact of conservation Great Parks has on our region and the communities who enjoy the transformational experiences our destinations offer,” Palmeter added. “As a seed, the acorn represents regeneration and renewal which is vital to the habitats and natural environments in our care.”

The Find Your Wild roadshow will be the first chance to engage with the Find Your Wild campaign, with events scheduled at the following destinations:

  • October 9 – Miami Whitewater Forest, 11 am – 2 pm, Big Sycamore Shelter
  • October 13 – Woodland Mound, 3 – 6 pm, Seasongood Nature Center
  • October 15 – Woodland Mound, noon – 3 pm, Seasongood Nature Center
  • October 19 – Sharon Woods, 3 – 6 pm, Pavilion Grove
  • October 23 – Winton Woods, 9 am – noon, Kingfisher Pavilion
  • October 25 – Miami Whitewater Forest, 3 – 6 pm, Harbor
  • October 29 – Sharon Woods, 4 – 6 pm, Pavilion Grove

More information about the campaign is available here.

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