Gem City Catfé

Cats and coffee are a perfect combination at Gem City Catfé in Dayton. The coffee’s by Boston Stoker with options from espresso to latte. Teas and bottled drinks, along with food like bagels and danish, are also available. Upstairs, there’s an art gallery full of local art and extra space to lounge.

The Cats

The stars of the show here are the cats — up to 18 of them, to be precise. They are located in the cat lounge, separate from the Catfé, in case you’re allergic or just don’t want to mingle coffee and cat hair. But you can watch them play through the glass while you sip and dine.

Want to meet the cats? Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are best. There’s a fee of $10 for members and $15 for non-members (membership is $25/year per household) to visit the cats and enjoy coffee while doing so. Why the fee? A cat’s got to eat, too! (Kids need to be age five or older and teens must have adult supervision.)

Merch at the Catfé says “Save More Cats” and that’s the “why” for this locale. These cats are all from Gem City Kitties, a nonprofit helping to find homes for cats in need. So, consider a furever friend if you make a feline connection at the Café.

1513 E 5th Street, Dayton |

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