Gem City Selfie Museum: Focusing on the Self in Selfies

For the last 5 years, NaAsiaha Simon has taken her love for the city of Dayton and turned it into a lifestyle of service and enrichment for the community. Simon, a mental health advocate and champion for engagement and awareness, says that her own mental health struggle triggered a big idea: creating the Gem City Selfie Museum

What is Gem City Selfie Museum?

Gem City Selfie Museum is an interactive space with installations and illustrations promoting color therapy and phototherapy to promote social and mental wellness! Through the creation of different theme backgrounds, Gem City Selfie Museum’s goal is to invoke positive emotions and to elevate stress, depression and anxiety.


How does it work?

Guests will visit the space and are encouraged to take selfies! The 8000 sq ft building has different themed walls and rooms with vibrant colors and interactive props. Also, look for pop-ups across the city where Gem City Selfie Museum installs vibrant art for the public to enjoy.

Why is Gem City Selfie Museum a great activity for families and adults alike?

It is truly an experience! Families, adults, children, everyone who attends either a popup or the actual museum are able to capture moments and create memories!


Additional information!

The Gem City Selfie Museum and Gem City Market have teamed up for “Gem City Black History Month Popup Exhibit: Building Our Black Future Together,” a one-of-a-kind exhibit. The community is encouraged to follow all social media platforms, and visit the website for frequent updates. Looking to join the action now? Check out these FREE programs centered around social and mental wellness.

NaAsiaha and the entire Selfie Museum collective want the people of Dayton to know that they are loved, appreciated, celebrated, and seen! What better way to commemorate that than with a selfie?

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