Gower Park: Sharonville’s Hidden Gem

During the spring (and summer, fall and winter), you’ll find us at a different playground each day. Even if it’s just a 20-minute stop after errands, I make a point of letting my kids run free each day. This spring, I have an energetic 4-and-a-half year old and trying-to-walk baby. Throw in my older, elementary-aged kiddos, and finding a playground that suits everyone’s needs is difficult (to say the least). So when I discovered Gower Park on a recent library run, I was over the moon.

Gower Park is our new favorite playground – here’s why:

Gower Park is located across the street from the Sharonville Library.

My kids love the library, and I love it too. But the library isn’t the most active place. So being able to hit up the playground and library in one trip is amazing. And in my opinion, the Sharonville Branch has one on the best children’s sections around!

Gower Park has an epic playground for big kids.

Gower Park playground

My kids love the three-story play structure, which has a very fast tunnel slide. There’s also a rock wall, a variety of steps and places to climb and several “secret hideouts” perfect for hide and seek.

The swings are for everyone.

gower park swings

Gower Park has the fun swings! Saucer-sized swings rock kids back and forth.

This park also boasts a sizable Tot Lot.

gower park sharonville

My one-year-old daughter enjoys crawling around the dino-themed play structure, and the new handicap-accessible teeter totter is perfect for her and big-brother to tag team.

Gower Park has next-level creek-stomping conditions.

Bring your rain boots when you go – there’s a creek located just beyond the playground, and it’s the perfect size for (supervised) kids. This summer, we’re definitely going to go creek stomping at Gower Park.

gower park

Gower Park is fenced in.

The park is located next to a side street that’s not super busy — but a street nonetheless. Parents will be pleased to know there’s a fence to keep kids contained as they play. (The fence opens at a few spots, but it’s easy to keep an eye on your kiddos.)

I’ve lived in Cincinnati most of my life, and it’s so fun to stumble upon new-to-me places. Gower Park was unknown to me a few months ago, and now it’s become one of our very favorite places.

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