Hidden Gems: Little Fairy Garden Workshops

Down a brightly colored alleyway in Yellow Springs, a teal fairy home bursts at the seams with fairy trinkets, plants and picks, waiting to be transformed into a beautiful fairy garden.

The Little Fairy Garden DIY workshop is open each Friday-Monday during the winter season.

Reserve the studio for a birthday party, drop in to make a new garden or simply shop for newly added fairy trinkets!

little fairy garden

Do your little ones love to play in the dirt and pretend they’re on mythical quests? From start to finish, the drop-in garden-making at Little Fairy Garden is fully immersive and hands on. For guidance along the way, the happy helpers at LFG will keep you on a budget and quietly assist while designing your new fairy home. An average, one plant garden with fairy and accessories ranges between $35-$40.

Thousands of supplies — such as terrariums, plastic pots, succulents, house plants, preserved moss, rocks, shells, flamingos, glow-in-the-dark mushrooms, acorns, llamas, fishing poles and picnic baskets — are available with á la carte pricing. Some of the plants offered at LFG include peacock moss, Calathea, tiny dancer, a variety of succulents and more.


Each fairy garden needs a vessel to grow in. Kiddos start out with a container of their choice, then head to the fairy workshop. Inside, you’ll find potting soil, white sand, multi-colored mosses and river rock. Choose your plants, pot your soil and slowly add in the magic of your choice. The adjacent room of fairies, canoes, animals, trolls and dragons fills the imaginations of our own little fairies.

Little Fairy Garden has every miniature fairy accessory you could imagine. Whether you’re designing a mythical centerpiece, outside play garden or enchanted nighttime forest, your fairy will thank you for a fun, warm garden to live in.

224 Xenia Ave., Yellow Springs | littlefairygarden.com

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