Hidden Gems: The Calm Caterpillar

Designed to be a resource for parents and teachers, The Calm Caterpillar provides evidence-backed products and ideas for a calmer space by using techniques to improve behavior in children.

Created by Cincinnati resident Sarah Habib, The Calm Caterpillar is used by Cincinnati Public Schools for social-emotional learning and can also be a resource for parents at home. With guides to create safe, warm spaces at home and knowledge of neural movement, the training from Habib is designed to encourage mindfulness.

Calm Caterpillar Corner Kit

The Calm Caterpillar offers The Calm Corner Kit, a collection of tools to create more comfort. Included in the kit is a sitting cushion, expandable breathing ball, Parent Class, hand-breathing poster and Parent Field Guide. An assortment of other products include feelings flash cards, feelings poster, field guide and Parent Class.

Parenting Class

The online parent class is centered around three concepts: why breathing/mindfulness matters, breathing techniques and how to model behavior. The five breathing techniques are valuable to parents as it encourages calmer parenting in difficult situations. Hand and Buddy breathing, Lion’s breath, belly breathing and flower/candle breathing are the five concepts taught at The Calm Caterpillar.

Broken down into nine sections, the courses are available to watch at your leisure. The Calm Corner and educational classes are set to integrate into your home life and provide a space for mindfulness at home and on the go.

By properly modeling behavior, The Calm Caterpillar encourages a healthy parenting mindset to create safe spaces and comfort for the entire family.

Calm Corner Kit

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