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When you’ve lived in Cincinnati your entire life, there are bound to be a few places throughout our city that really stir up nostalgia and wonderful memories. For me, one of those is Parky’s Farm at Winton Woods (website). Although, as a child I knew the area just for the horses and riding lessons, it’s now a favorite family destination and a place that we frequently drive 45 minutes from Northern Kentucky to visit.

If you haven’t been to Parky’s Farm or maybe you’ve just done a quick visit, they offer many memory-making experiences all year long!


Even though April is still “off season” for the farm (extended activities begin May 6th), there are several kids programs at Parky’s Farm offered throughout the week. I took my 4-year-old and 2.5-year-old to the “Peeps and Squeaks” program that was designed to get us up close to the newest additions to the farm – the baby animals! We started in an indoor room where we were introduced to grown rabbits, baby bunnies (which we learned are called kittens!), chickens, baby chicks and a variety of eggs. The leaders were amazing, great with the kids and extremely knowledgeable.

Parky's Collage

Our group then headed to the barn to say hello to a (very) pregnant goat, along with the other friendly animals. I can honestly say I’ve never felt a baby goat kick from inside its mother before! We hopped on the large wagon and the tractor pulled us around the picturesque property – this was my kids’ favorite part. We also got to spend time in the Play Barn, which we had never ventured into parkys 2before. I pretended I was a kid and climbed around with mine; it was one of the coolest indoor playgrounds I’ve ever seen.

While the horses are a beautiful feature at Parky’s Farm, there is so much more to explore. You’re always welcome to roam the property and play on the playground. We also brought a picnic lunch and enjoyed the scenery a little longer. As summer approaches and their schedule expands, they also offer pony rides, wagon rides, time in the Play Barn and other scheduled activities.

The best way to see what is coming up is to view their schedule of events here. These programs require a reservation and do have a small fee. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and organization that we experienced. The staff is always so welcoming and they are truly passionate about their farm. As they should be!

Parky’s Farm (website) and all of Cincinnati’s Great Parks are the perfect escape and are just waiting for you to come and explore.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 6.33.50 PMAbout Andrea:

A native Cincinnatian, Andrea has experienced life in all four corners of this city. After growing up on the west side, she headed north to attend Miami University, then moved east to Hyde Park and now lives in Northern Kentucky with her family.

When she’s not playing trains and doing the “hot dog dance” as a stay-at-home mom to her two toddlers, Andrea is busy writing for Cincinnati publications and brainstorming ideas for her next children’s book! With a newfound passion for fitness and overall health, she spends a lot of time at her family gym and loves to play outside.

Andrea worked in education for several years and has a special love for children’s literature. She loves showing her children all our city has to offer and enjoys sharing her finds with other parents. Her favorite spots include the Cincinnati Zoo (although she steers clear of the bird house), her local library and any playground.

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