Krohn Conservatory’s ‘Butterflies in Space’: An Out-of-this-World Experience

Are you looking for a fun family adventure this summer? Check one off your summer bucket list by visiting the “butter-nauts” at Krohn Conservatory’s Butterflies in Space exhibit. Running through August 18, the 29th annual exhibit is inspired by monarch and painted lady butterflies that were released on the International Space Station back in 2009. Scientists discovered that these special butterflies were able to successfully adapt to a zero-gravity environment.

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As you head in, be sure to look up as you will be greeted by an astronaut and cosmic space above, complete with light-up blue stars. Grab a scented card to hold one of the butterflies and be immersed in a stellar landscape of efflorescent blooms in the entire room and admire the “stars” of the show as they flutter and swirl all around you! Hold out your card and see if they land on you (pro tip: wear bright colors!), just be careful where you step!

After an hour of exploring the exhibit, head towards the Orchid House to check out the gift shop and bonsai trees (make sure you do some twirls to double check there’s no breakaway butterflies). Kids can also take a break to play with some legos. Be sure to snap a picture with the spaceship and rocket cut-outs and read more about the amazing 2009 space butterflies.


Before leaving, don’t forget to peek into the butterfly nursery, where you can catch a glimpse of hundreds of cocoons in various life-cycles of eggs, caterpillars, chrysalis, and butterflies. Then make your way back in through the Fern House and the Palm House by the entrance to complete a scavenger hunt! Look up, down and all around to see if you can find all 28 species between both houses.

Grab your tickets ahead of time for this “out-of-this-world” experience! Please note that tickets are one-hour increments only and are $10 for adults and $7 for children ages 5-17 (ages 4 and under are free).

Krohn Conservatory is located at 1501 Eden Park Drive in Eden Park. 


When you’re done, walk up to Twin Lakes Overlook, where you can see a spectacular view of the city and the Ohio River. There’s also a playground, several sculptures and a footbridge that highlights the two lakes, home to lots of and lots of geese!


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