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My 5 year old loves to climb. He learned to walk at Summit Park, and quickly mastered the playground’s various rock walls and ropes. He also possesses superhuman strength and energy, and while I have no idea where it comes from, I know where to harness it: Mosaic Climbing.

Located in Loveland, Mosaic Climbing is the best place for Cincy kids to hone their superhero skills!

Mosaic Climbing lets climbers of all ages and abilities to reach for the stars. The facility is spacious (and beautiful) and the staff are warm and welcoming. If you’re new to the climbing world, you be welcomed with open arms. (And if you’re a seasoned pro, you will be blown away by Mosaic Climbing’s myriad courses and features.)

Here’s everything you need to know about Mosaic Climbing:

Adventure is for everyone – from newbies to pros.

This isn’t just a tagline on their website: at Mosaic Climbing, you truly don’t need any previous climbing experience. Mosaic Climbing has instructors who love sharing their knowledge with anyone — even (and especially) first-timers. My son had never been climbing in any official capacity, and within minutes he was scaling the ropes courses like a seasoned pro. (Kids learn so fast!)

Kids of any age can climb.

My five year old killed it up there. He did a variety of ropes courses and bouldering courses, and confidently tried again and again. Lindsey, our instructor, was patient and really got him pumped to climb.

Mosaic Climbing is truly for families.

While we were there, we saw several younger families, including one adorable dad and daughter duo who tried out several different ropes courses. Mosaic Climbing has so many different options – all in the same space – so you can really try things out as a family.

Mosaic Climbing isn’t just for members.

If you’re new to climbing, you’ll probably want to “try before you buy.” At Mosaic Climbing, you can get a Day Pass for kids 13 and under (which includes shoes) for just $15. (If you’re looking for extra instruction, the First Timer pass includes rentals, orientation and belay class — all for $25.) Save yourself time by completing out the waiver before you go.

Of course, families who love to climb can purchase a membership, which allows for expanded hours and lots of savings (plus free instruction, which is awesome).

You don’t need any fancy gear.

If the thought of climbing has you seeing major REI bills, fret not! Mosaic Climbing supplies everything you need to climb (and shoes are included in the kids’ day pass). Kids’ climbing shoes start at size 2, so younger kids can climb in whatever they’re comfortable with (snug-fitting sneakers, like Harvey’s, are best). You’ll also want tighter-fitting pants and sleeved shirts, because climbing can be kind of full contact!

Mosaic has camps, climbing teams and birthday parties

Mosiac Climbing

If climbing turns out to be your kid’s thing, Mosaic offers lots of different opportunities for them to immerse themselves in the sport. Between summer camps, recreational/competitive teams, monthly kids’ memberships and even birthday parties, there are so many engaging and fun opportunities for kids at Mosaic Climbing.

One climb, and you’ll be hooked.

Seeing Harvey tackle course after course was truly amazing. As a parent, I want to give my kids opportunities to succeed and thrive. What Mosaic Climbing offers is a safe, hands-on space where kids can feel empowered and superhuman. Seeing my preschooler master high-flying ropes courses in minutes had me just as hooked as he was. Anything that lets kids aim high – and reach their goals – is the kind of win-win scenario every parent dreams of.

Mosaic Climbing is located at 9501 Union Cemetery Road in Loveland. Call 513-781-4083 or visit for more information.

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