Must-See Zoo Exhibit: Hippo Cove

Have you seen the hippos yet? We waited a few days for the crowds to die down and then high tailed it to the Cincinnati Zoo to see the new Hippo Cove exhibit. I was arguably more excited than my two kids, but can you blame me? I realize hippos are extremely dangerous, but there is something about these animals – they are mesmerizing.

We usually start our Zoo visits in Africa with the elephants and giraffes, so after a stop to see the elephant bath (every morning at 9:15) and to say good morning to our favorite tall friends, we walked (maybe I jogged) toward the hippos. My three year old loved finding the hippos on the map and tracking them down, so make sure you grab one on your way in.



hippo maps

As soon as we walked up to Hippo Cove, I was blown away with how up close and personal you can get with these giants. They really seemed to love the attention and were very active and playful! I’m not sure how a 3,000-pound animal can be adorable, but they really are. Henry and Bibi get along very well and swim all around their new home, making sure everyone gets a good view.

hippos collage

The viewing area itself is shaded (with ceiling fans!) and has a great seating area to sit and watch – which I could probably do for hours. I was truly fascinated by them. I now know why that kid wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas!

Hippos final

We visit the Zoo more than any other attraction in Cincinnati. We all love the animals and it’s just a beautiful place to wander. Now that there are two hippos swimming around, we have just one more reason to call this place our favorite!

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