Spooky Tales on the Trails to Haunt Great Parks

Explore spooky trails on a Great Parks night hike!

As families begin thinking ahead to Halloween, a series of fun family-friendly fall night hikes from Great Parks will uncover some of the hidden creatures who have lived among us, both past and present. These Spooky Tales on the Trails will be told by Great Parks Interpreters at Fernbank Park and Miami Whitewater Forest on Fridays in October.

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Spooky Tales on the Trails

Hit the trails for these evening excursions with some spooky – but not too scary –tales!

Explore your favorite parks after dark during Spooky Tales on the Trails! On these family-friendly night hikes, you’ll learn local lore and discover how things that go bump in the night are a part of the nature that surrounds us.

Join us for one or multiple Spooky Tales on the Trails! All programs are recommended for ages 6 and up. Be sure to dress accordingly for the weather; close-toed shoes are recommended.


Fridays in October; times vary, select time slot when registering below.


$5/per person per hike.

Spooky Tales on the Trails: Smelly Stinkies
Oct. 13 | 7 & 7:30 p.m.
Miami Whitewater Forest | Timberlakes Program Shelter

Take a whiff of wafting wildlife and walk through the woods for a family-friendly night hike! Experience some of Ohio’s stinkiest inhabitants and be appalled at the potent pungency and poignant power of their smelly scents. Open your nose if you dare! (Register by Oct. 12)


Spooky Tales on the Trails: Cosmic Curiosities
Oct. 20 | 7, 7:30 & 8 p.m.
Mitchell Memorial Forest | Wood Duck Trail

Step through a wormhole and pull back the curtain of our wildly expansive universe. For one night only, travel light-years away and interact with some of astronomy’s most famous (or infamous) cosmic characters. This family-friendly hike is sure to leave you in awe of our awesome night sky! (Register by Oct. 19)


Spooky Tales on the Trails: Creepy Crawlies
Oct. 27 | 7, 7:30 & 8 p.m.
Fernbank Park | Sycamore Trail

Some creatures creep, and some creatures crawl. Come on this hike to embrace them all! Discover the underworld and uncover the heebiest and jeebiest of Ohio’s critters as they skitter or scatter along the trail on this family-friendly night hike. (Register by Oct. 26)


A valid motor vehicle permit is required to enter all Great Parks. Fernbank Park is a cooperative venture with the City of Cincinnati; a Motor Vehicle Permit is not required.

Spooky Tales on the Trails are recommended for children 6 and up. Registration is $5/person and available at greatparks.org.


Miami Whitewater Forest
9001 Mt. Hope Road Harrison, OH 45030

Mitchell Memorial Forest
5401 Zion Road Cleves, OH 45002

Fernbank Park
50 Thornton Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45233

13oct7:00 amSpooky Tales on the Trails: Smelly Stinkies7:00 am Miami Whitewater ForestCategory:Fall Fun,Outdoor Fun,Parks,Story time

20oct7:00 pmSpooky Tales on the Trails: Cosmic Curiosities7:00 pm Mitchell Memorial ForestCategory:Fall Fun,Outdoor Fun,Parks,Story time

27oct7:00 pmSpooky Tales on the Trails: Creepy Crawlies7:00 pm Fernbank ParkCategory:Fall Fun,Outdoor Fun,Parks,Story time

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