Spraygrounds, Splash Parks and Playgrounds – Oh My!

So it’s been a little hot lately, right? If you’re anything like me, you’re probably counting down the days until your community pool opens (Memorial Day weekend, for most!). If you don’t belong to a pool, or you don’t feel like coordinating a bunch of kids in the baby/adult pools, or you simply want something a little different, consider a sprayground.

A sprayground is basically a water playground, complete with fountains, sprinklers and sometimes even playground equipment. There are quite a few of these summer parks around Cincinnati; here’s a list for you to peruse! And don’t worry — you’ll get more detailed reviews of these parks as the summer wears on!

Washington Park

Smale Riverfront Park

Hamilton County Parks: Parky’s Ark in Winton Woods, Parky’s Pirate Cove in Miami Whitewater Forest, and┬áParky’s Wetland Adventure in Woodland Mound. (There’s also a small water play area in Sharon Woods that’s free with your $10 annual pass!)

Cincinnati Recreation Commission: Caldwell, College Hill, Dyer, McKie, North Fairmount, Oyer, Pleasant Ridge, and South Fairmount.

Sawyer Point Park


  • Many of these parks charge a small daily admission fee (think a few dollars/kid). If you venture downtown, you’ll want to bring money for parking, as well. (Check each park’s website — it usually gives directions for where to park!)
  • Bring sunscreen! And: swim diapers, swim suits, hats, towels, water-friendly shoes and a change of clothes.
  • Many of these parks have playgrounds, too. My advice? Go to the sprayground in the morning, have lunch, then hit up the playground to have the kids play/dry off.

I’ll be back soon with a review of Smale Riverfront Park — all during May and June, you can celebrate the newest features of this park at Smale Riverfront Park weeks. Mark your calendar for May 16 for the debut of Carol Ann’s Carousel!
Photo Credit: Agnes Kindberg Photography.

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