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Summer Art Camp at the Taft Museum of Art

Get creative with the Taft Museum of Art! Whether your child is thinking about becoming an artist or just likes to have fun making art, our small camp classes and hands-on activities with experienced teachers will make this a summer of fun. Our week-long camps will have campers painting, sculpting, and drawing, and will culminate in an invitation to family and friends to view campers’ work.

Address: 316 Pike Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Website: https://www.taftmuseum.org/families-children/summercamp
Email: [email protected]
Gender of Campers: All
Special Needs Offered: Yes
Dates: May 28 – June 12
Hours: 9a-4p
Ages: Entering grades 1–3, 4–6, and 7–12

Q&A with the Summer Art Camp at the Taft Museum of Art:

What makes Summer Art Camp Unique? 

We are housed in a historic house as well as wide variety of projects that are done. Campers get the experience of art in a historic setting as well as our gardens.

What activities are offered at Summer Art Camp?

A variety of art activities depending on the age group as well as the day. The goal is to make each day something different. Typical activities include painting, drawing, gallery activities, as well as specialty days.

What is the camper-to-counselor ratio?

Depending on the activity ratios are between 10-1 and 5-1.

How much time do the campers spend outside?

While most activities are indoor, there is specifically time set aside for outdoor activities include walks to nearby parks (with additional staff), lawn games, and garden games. A typical day could be anywhere between 1-3 hours outdoors.

Does Camp Art Academy provide lunch/snacks or do parents need to provide them?

Parents need to provide lunch and two snacks.

What is the typical daily schedule for campers? 

A typical daily schedule would include a rotation of icebreakers, art lessons/activity/gallery experience, snack, bathroom, and breaks.

How old are the counselors and how are they trained?

The Taft Museum’s summer camps are led by a certified teacher and 2 counselors with additional L&O staff filling in as activity dictates. Counselors are typically college students looking for experience with children. They are trained with the Learning and Outreach Manager, who has 10 years’ experience running summer camps within museums. Counselors and teachers must back background checks as well.

What accommodations are made for campers with special needs?

We actively work to make sure that campers can get their needs met. We have accommodations for most ADA needs, please see our website for details. Additional needs can be accommodated to.

Please email us at [email protected] if there is something that your child may need in order to make sure they can get the most out of their camp experience.


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