Sunday Funday at St. Gertrude Festival

On Sunday afternoon, we took the kids to Madeira’s St. Gertrude Festival. Despite the heat, the kids had a blast — there were rides, games and lots of food, after all!

We had such a great time — it definitely won’t be our last festival this summer, as Julian is already asking to go back for another ice cream (this kid clearly has it rough!).

Here’s why your family should hit up a Cincinnati festival this summer:

1. The rides!

From Ferris Wheels to carousels, mini roller coasters to every-kind-of-spinny-ride-imaginable, festivals have the funnest rides. Plus, you can usually purchase an all-you-can-ride pass, so the kids can ride as many times as their stomachs can handle! There are height requirements, but almost every kid can at least ride something (you just might have to ride with them!).

2. The games!

Festival games are fun — there’s skee ball, Plinko, knocking-down games, ring tosses, raffles, cake walks — you name it! When your kids have gotten dizzy from one-too-many rides, spend some time at the game area. Julian and Mary loved tossing ping pong balls at the fishbowls (side note: does anyone ever win that game? We tried. And tried.)

3. The prizes!

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing better than winning a giant, neon-colored, ridiculously cartoonish stuffed animal. Or a monkey whose paws clasp around your shoulders. Or a goldfish (see note above).

4. The food!

Where else can you find deep-fried twinkies? Funnel cake? Stuff on a stick? Grilled corn on the cob and homemade french fries? And, of course, the ice cream, whippy dip, soft serve and homemade popsicles. (Side note: maybe don’t enjoy a deep fried twinkie before the spinning Ferris Wheel).

5. The atmosphere!

Being at a festival is just such a quintessential summer experience. There’s the sticky, humid heat; the twinkling lights from signs and games; the sounds of rides, screaming kids and live entertainment; the smells of delicious, deep-fried festival fare… it’s something you and your kids will remember.

Plus, festivals are generally pretty inexpensive (and many times, the proceeds go towards a worthy cause), making them a fun weekend or ‘staycation’ option! So, check out our handy summer festival guide, and I’ll see you in the kettle corn line!

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