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Lazer Kraze Mason is a Saturday morning win!

When the weekend rolls around, I have a house full of craziness. In the winter, our options are limited due to wet, snowy or too-cold weather. And I hesitate to go to my favorite indoor spots because they are...

Places we love: Lazer Kraze

For months now our girls have been begging us to visit an indoor trampoline park. So we were all thrilled when the opportunity to visit Lazer Kraze in Mason came up. What really sets Lazer Kraze apart from similar...

5 Awesome Things to do at Lazer Kraze

Did you know that Warren County is Ohio’s Largest Playground? There is more family-fun in this 30-mile radius than anywhere else in Ohio.  And to begin your family’s affordable adventures in Warren County, you must explore Lazer Kraze -...

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