Places we love: Lazer Kraze

For months now our girls have been begging us to visit an indoor trampoline park. So we were all thrilled when the opportunity to visit Lazer Kraze in Mason came up. What really sets Lazer Kraze apart from similar places is the great variety of activities you can participate in.

With laser tag, video games, trampolines and virtual reality games, Lazer Kraze offers varied experiences that can cater to many different interests and keep your kids engaged and entertained!

Our girls are big fans of laser tag, and the arena at Lazer Kraze is very well designed. It’s two stories with lots of nooks and crannies for dodging and hiding behind. Players can get special ‘power ups’ that allow them to do things like become “invisible” for a limited time which adds a video game type element to the match.


A standout for our family was the Hologate virtual reality game. Up to four people put on a VR headset and are armed with a rifle which acts as a controller. There are two games to choose from, with a third coming soon. We chose an arctic themed game which had you trying to collect coins from penguins while battling a yeti. It’s all very cartoony and kid friendly, with a play time of about 10 minutes, which is really the perfect amount of time for such a game.  

The trampoline area is rather large and includes wall trampolines. Our girls had a blast, literally bouncing off the walls and trying different tricks and turns. As an adult, I forget what a workout you can get a trampoline park. All of us burned more than a few calories during the 30 minutes we spent running, jumping and playing basketball in the trampoline area.


This variety of experiences makes it a great option for a kid’s party. During our time there we saw several birthday celebrations being held in the party rooms — all of which were spacious, well lit and very clean.

Several times during our girls serenaded us with “Can we come back!?”  With so much to do, and especially with the winter months coming upon us, Lazer Kraze is definitely now on our list of indoor play places to visit!

About Jon:

Jonathon Karysn Paasch is husband to an intelligent, generous, and creative spouse, and father to two caring, smart, and funny girls.

A Cincinnati transplant, Jonathon and his family are avid weekend explorers, particularly drawn to the plethora of amazing outdoor activities available in the tri-state area.

With a passion for photography, Jonathon rarely misses an opportunity to document and share the Paasch family adventures.

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