Thank You!

The month of November is synonymous with giving thanks – and at Cincinnati Parent we have much to be thankful for. Each month as our issues go from a conception of ideas to a tangible product, we are reminded that the support we receive from local readers, businesses and organizations makes it all possible. We’re grateful for the opportunity to bring you this magazine and hope that you find it useful as you go through your day doing the invaluable job of parenting.

Speaking of gratefulness, it’s the rare parent that doesn’t wish their child would express a little more of it! This month, our article Thankfulness Beyond Thanksgiving gives a few tips for promoting an “attitude of gratitude” in kids throughout the year.

Also In this Issue, we explore what it means to have an “open adoption” and some of the concerns prospective parents have when considering this choice as they expand their family. Area experts and parents who have gone through the process weigh in with their knowledge and perspectives.

Do you and your spouse occasionally butt heads on the best way to parent? (Is this a rhetorical question?) When Parenting Styles Clash gives some suggestions for getting both parents on the same page (and nixing any attempts by kids to divide and conquer!)

There’s so much more In this Issue – you’ll just have to turn the page and start reading! As always, please let us know how we’re doing and what you’d like to see in Cincinnati Parent. We’re thankful for your feedback in November – and every month!

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