The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati: Princess & Frog through 2/27!

Croaker and his three frog friends toadly bring the joy and laughter to The Children’s Theatre Princess and Frog musical! With performances through February 27 at Taft Theatre, sing and dance along with Princess Acrimonia as she learns a well-deserved lesson in kindness and friendship.

Read along to see why the internet is calling Princess & Frog one of the best TCT productions EVER!!

Children's Theatre Princess & Frog

The stage set for Princess and Frog is gorgeous and a highlight as a parent… the beautiful pops of pink and purple flowers remind us that spring is just around the corner. Bright green lilypads make a surprising real-life splash on stage while golden marquee lights dazzle throughout the show.
The plot thickens as we find out where spoiled Princess Acrimonia gets her rascally attitude: her wicked mother! The Queen’s plan to overthrow the throne with a wicked spell cast on the King’s son is ruined when Princess Acrimonia learns a lesson in true friendship. Regretfully throwing her golden birthday ball down Croaker’s well, the princess finds herself in a position to show kindness and care for the first time ever.
Princess & Frog well
Adapted from the original 1812 Brothers Grimm fairytale, The Frog Prince is the first story in their folktale collection. The Grimms’ went on to write and produce over 200 folktales and fairytales. Princess & Frog the musical is based on Grimms’ The Frog Prince, not the Disney production.
Princess & Frog is a 60 minute production with no intermission. The Children’s Theatre does a wonderful job of commanding even the youngest audience with flashing lights, catchy tunes, talented dancers, cool lifts and silly surprises along the way. While at the theatre, purchase a Cincy Shirts TCT tee, frog eye headbands, frog gummies, glow lights, treats and more!

The Princess & Frog is showing at the Taft Theatre, 317 E Fifth Street Cincinnati, 45202.

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Princess & Frog at The Children’s Theatre

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