The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s Mary Poppins Jr. is Practically Perfect!

One of the most surprising joys of parenthood for me has been experiencing things that I loved as a child, with my own children. Sometimes it’s a favorite book, or game, or even an iconic place in Cincinnati that will bring tears to this sensitive Mama’s eyes as I now see it through the eyes of my babies. This past weekend, the tears struck again, and this time it was while sharing the charming story of Mary Poppins with my three-year-old daughter. We shared a special afternoon at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati‘s Mary Poppins Jr. – it was their last show of the season, and it was practically perfect.

We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy quite a few performances from The Children’s Theatre and in most cases, my children were already familiar with the story that was brought to life on stage. We knew the characters in Cinderella and the songs from Madagascar, but my daughter was not familiar with Mary Poppins, aside from being able to say her name (very cutely, I might add). Because of this, I wasn’t sure if it would keep her attention as well as the other shows we’ve seen, but I was pleasantly surprised that this was her favorite performance to date! And I’d have to agree.

If you haven’t been to a performance by The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, then let me tell you…they will far exceed any expectations you may have, and particularly with Mary Poppins Jr. Everything from the costumes, to the set design, and the overwhelming talent are proof that this is a top notch musical that will have you tapping your toes and cherishing the moments shared with your family. I have to admit that I usually have a favorite character in the story, someone who stands out for me, but in Mary Poppins Jr., I fell in love with everyone from Mary herself to the dancers and singers in the background.

I think the real reason I loved this particular performance so much is the message that is portrayed throughout the story. I even believe that my young daughter understood by the end that there is nothing more important than quality time with your family. Perhaps that’s where the tears came from…enjoying a theme carried out in song about quality family time, while having quality time in that exact moment. It may sound a bit cheesy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Mary Poppins Jr. didn’t tug at your heartstrings, as well.

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati is perhaps the longest running family tradition in our city, and you can still get in on the fun. There are still tickets available for Mary Poppins Jr., which also runs this weekend, April 13-15. For ticket information, click here. There are also exciting things coming up this summer at The Children’s Theatre! If you’re not already a subscriber, keep an eye out for the opportunity to become one and ensure you’ll be able to enjoy next season’s exciting line up. The Theatre also offers popular summer camps, and you can get more information on those here.

We always enjoy the high quality performances from The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, but I strongly believe that Mary Poppins Jr. is the outing that every family would not only enjoy, but also connect with in so many ways. In a time when we struggle to put our family first, Mary Poppins Jr. reminds us that with a little discipline – and a little magic – anything is possible. Don’t miss out on this “practically perfect” performance that will touch your heart and entertain every single member of your family.

Photo credits: The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati/Mikki Schaffner Photography

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