The Majestic Monarch Butterflies at Krohn Conservatory

What’s the number one sign that spring has sprung in Cincinnati? The butterflies have returned to Krohn Conservatory!

The Majestic Monarch Butterflies at Krohn Conservatory is open through June 18th and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak.

If you’ve never visited Krohn in the spring before, plan a trip now! And if you have, well, you know that you’ll be heading back this year for this special seasonal show.


“The Majestic Monarch” exhibit is designed to show you what it feels like to be a butterfly. The space has been transformed once again to house a wide variety of gorgeous, colorful flowers and trees and, of course, over 1200 butterflies! As the show’s name suggests, you will definitely see plenty of Monarch butterflies floating around, but there are also several other varieties that are equally as stunning. We happened to make friends with a few large, bright blue butterflies that we later learned were attracted to our colorful clothing!

Aside from the gorgeous display, Krohn and its staff hopes to promote knowledge and awareness of the importance of preserving these beautiful creatures and their habitat. There is an interactive learning component built into the show, where visitors can become “Citizen Scientists” and help with a special experiment. Krohn has provided landing pads that have a “scratch and sniff” feature and this year are scented with jasmine. It will be interesting to see if the butterflies are attracted to this scent! There are also nectar-feeding stations that encourage little lepidopterists (A person who studies butterflies!) to determine which color and nectar are most attractive to the butterflies. There are so many opportunities to get up close and personal with the stars of this show.

Butterfly Collage 2017

Krohn Conservatory is also hosting several family-friendly events throughout The Majestic Monarch show. On Sunday, April 2nd, The Land of Nod bus tour will stop by and there will be Charlie Harper themed activities for the kids. The popular “Breakfast with Butterflies” returns June 10th and you must reserve your spots early! Also keep an eye out for “Butterfly Pajama Parties” – the perfect family evening outing!

Krohn Butterflies 2017 10 small

The Majestic Monarch runs through June 18th and it is a must-see this spring in Cincinnati. For more information on tickets, hours and events, visit their website here.

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