The world’s first flowers and dinosaurs at Krohn Conservatory!

The butterflies have fluttered away from their meadow and left behind the world’s first flowers and the animals that came with them: DINOSAURS! Every family has at least one dino-loving kid and this floral exhibit was made for them!

First Flowers featuring Dinosaurs is open daily through October 22nd in Krohn Conservatory’s summer show house.

krohn conservatory dinosaurs

The prehistoric show offers an educational look into the flowers that started it all and the dinosaurs that might have frolicked among them. A warm welcome from Krohn’s resident Tyrannosaurus Rex shows off Applied Imagination’s gorgeous dinosaurs made out of natural materials like tree bark and acorns.

Inside the conservatory you will find prehistoric plants like the ginkgo tree, horsetails and cycads surrounded by mighty reptiles. Kids will be fascinated by the larger-than-them triceratops, pterosaur, ankylosaurus, velociraptor and more.

krohn conservatory dinosaurs
krohn conservatory dinosaurs

First Flowers

Throughout the exhibit, guests can scan various QR codes to dive deeper into the first botanicals of earth like Angiosperms, plants that produce true flowers. They are the most successful of the four major plant groups making up 95% of plants living on earth today. They also developed a way to store energy in their seeds in the form of “endosperm.”

Fun Fact: Popcorn and the inside of a coconut are endosperms!

krohn conservatory dinosaurs
krohn conservatory dinosaurs
krohn conservatory dinosaurs
krohn conservatory dinosaurs

About Krohn Conservatory

Krohn Conservatory opened in 1933 and is located in Eden Park. The land in the park used to belong to Nicholas Longworth and he called it his Garden of Eden. The conservatory has many features in a style called Art Deco that was very popular in 1933.The railings in the front lobby feature pictures in the metal that is an art deco style.

Visit Krohn Conservatory’s annual shows like the Butterfly Show and holiday train display!


Plants in this house include microscopic algae in the pools, tiny mosses and liverworts covering the moist rocks, and ferns and seed plants springing from the soil.


A tropical rain forest is recreated in this house. Precipitation in such a forest may total 160 inches yearly, as compared to 40 inches annually in Cincinnati. Tropical plants must quickly shed water from their leaves in order to prevent harmful growths of bacteria and fungi.


Most of the plants in this house are from desert regions that receive less than 10 inches of precipitation (rain) a year. That is one-fourth of the yearly amount that falls in Cincinnati.


Orchids range widely over the world, living everywhere except in deserts and on glaciers. The shortest species is one-quarter-inch high with flowers one-hundredth-inch in diameter.

SEASONAL FLORAL SHOW ROOM | First Flowers ft. Dinosaurs

In addition to hosting five seasonal floral shows, this house contains a permanent citrus tree collection. Among the trees here are orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, and kumquat.

Buy your tickets here! Adults $10, Youth $7, under 4 free.

Dinosaurs at Krohn Conservatory are prowling through the prehistoric flowers through October 22nd, 2023. Located at 1501 Eden Park Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

New hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10am Р8pm, Monday 3pm-8pm

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